Arsenal Manager reveals true colours with goodbye message to Nicolas Pepe

Arsenal Manager reveals true colours with goodbye message to Nicolas Pepe

Mikel Arteta has revealed his true colors by asserting that he is personally to blame for Nicolas Pepe’s unsuccessful tenure at Arsenal, rather than the player being at fault.

The Ivorian winger joined Trabzonspor on a free transfer earlier this month, with the Gunners paying off the final year of his contract to make the move possible.

In 2019, Arsenal spent £72 million to acquire Pepe from Lille. However, the 28-year-old failed to impress during his tenure at the Emirates Stadium, resulting in a loss.

Arteta was questioned on Friday about Pepe’s departure and was fast to assert that a player’s success is never assured, regardless of how much money is exchanged.

The Spaniard stated, “We are all human beings, and you know that one plus one does not always equal two.” “Ultimately, it’s a wager. The purchase of a player is a wager, and that wager can fail because the player is a human.

“You must bring them from different countries, cultures, and playing styles, and then they must adapt to a new system and environment.” Occasionally, it requires time. “Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

I feel extremely responsible, particularly when we’re requesting enormous sums to purchase players. You must ensure that we’ve completed the necessary steps to make it happen, but sometimes it doesn’t.”

The Gunners have established themselves as Manchester City’s closest rivals after signing a number of key first-team players, demonstrating that Arsenal has a solid track record when it comes to player recruitment.

However, it is unrealistic to anticipate a 100 percent success rate, and Pepe’s departure demonstrates that not every high-priced signing is a success.

Arteta went on to clarify that despite the fact that he believes he is at fault, other factors, such as significant injury setbacks, can occasionally come into play.

Jurrien Timber, who joined Arsenal in the summer and was anticipated to flourish at the Emirates Stadium, will now miss the remainder of the season after tearing knee ligaments during his Premier League debut.

“Look at Jurrien,” Arteta said. “We’re extremely happy, but he’s not on the field for a different purpose. We paid a lot of money for him, and he will be a very important player, but it’s not working because he can’t perform his duties.

“Sometimes it’s for that reason, but other times it’s because they’re not performing well enough and the coach makes so many mistakes that he can’t get the best out of a player. That is also a reason. It is a challenging question.”

Arsenal Manager reveals true colours with goodbye message to Nicolas Pepe

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