Arsenal cancels the transfer for the highly-regarded fullback of a La Liga star.

Arsenal cancels the transfer for the highly-regarded fullback of a La Liga star.

Ivan Fresneda is expected to remain with Real Valladolid until the summer transfer window, despite the fact that Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund have shown a significant amount of interest in him.

Ivan Fresneda has reportedly reached an agreement to remain with Real Valladolid until the summer, as reported by Fabrizio Romano after a month of rumors to the contrary.

Fresneda attracted the attention of Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund in January, and both clubs appeared willing to let him go back to Valladolid on loan until the summer transfer window opened up.

However, the transaction was never finished, and it is now anticipated that he will reconsider his choices in the month of June.

An article published by The Athletic earlier in the week suggested that Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund were engaged in a bidding war to acquire Fresneda from Real Valladolid.

There were rumors circulating that Dortmund was on the verge of concluding a deal, but this deal was never actually reached.

Fresneda had attracted interest from a number of clubs, including Newcastle United.

This summer, it’s possible that those clubs will make a comeback and compete again.

There is no information available regarding the specific reasons behind Fresneda’s possible departure this month.

Whether it was a decision made by the player or if neither Arsenal nor Dortmund were ever able to come to an agreement with Valladolid, this move did not happen.

The fact that Arsenal was unable to finalize a deal during the month of January will most likely result in increased competition for the club during the summer. Aside from that, there aren’t a whole lot of disadvantages to it.

The player was already on loan until the summer, but signing a deal in the summer would still allow him to compete in the Premier League as a homegrown player once he turns 21 and is no longer eligible for the league as an under-21 player.

It is currently unknown whether Arsenal will make another attempt to sign Fresneda, as the Gunners have, in general, avoided making multiple attempts to sign the same player during different transfer windows.

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