Behind the scenes at Chelsea on Mount move, Moises Caicedo matter and Declan Rice’s case

Behind the scenes at Chelsea on Mount move, Moises Caicedo matter and Declan Rice’s case

dylanmcb asked, “What are the chances of Mason Mount joining United or another club at this time?” Is there a possibility he will remain at Chelsea?”

Sincerity compels me to predict that Mount will depart Chelsea immediately. There is so much baggage between him and the club at the present due to the contract negotiations and how they’ve unfolded (see my previous article for the inside story).

Manchester United is currently the obvious frontrunner. Liverpool and Arsenal are also very interested, but it is doubtful that he would ever join Arsenal due to their fierce rivalry with Chelsea. Certainly, it is a possibility. Mount is 75% likely to leave and 25% likely to remain, if I had to rate the likelihood right now. The only possibility he stays is if Chelsea makes him too expensive to leave.”

bw23 asked, “What is the current status of Havertz? “Is it off, as the reports indicate?”

Bobby responded, “Hello Ben. Thank you for your inquiry. The reports emanating from Spain have somewhat perplexed me. Real Madrid is still reportedly very interested in Havertz. According to all accounts, the player is willing to leave and Chelsea is willing to sell him for the appropriate price, but nothing has been finalized.Unfortunately, I do not yet know the price Chelsea desires, but I will investigate further. But, as I’ve stated, there are tangible indications of Madrid’s interest.”

samhill asked: “Hi Bobby, I was wondering if there was an update on Conor Gallagher’s future with the club. Still keen in signing him, Liverpool? Thanks, I believe he could progress significantly under Pochettino.

Bobby responded, “Hello Sam. Thank you for your inquiry. I’m genuinely hoping to receive an update on Gallagher today; however, the last we heard, Liverpool was interested. Now that they’re close to signing Alexis Mac Allister, it’s unclear whether they’re still interested. They are still pursuing Mason Mount, but it appears Manchester United are the frontrunners.

“In our most recent podcast episode, Scott Trotter and I discussed the possibility of Gallagher playing under Pochettino, and we both agreed that he could play a significant role in the squad next season. However, it may not be the ideal role for him from a personal standpoint.”

oreoluwaa1 questioned, “What’s the latest on Caicedo?”

Bobby responded, “Hello, Oreoluwaa1!” Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, there isn’t much new information to report, but I’ll summarize what we already know.

“Chelsea is extremely interested in Caicedo, as was the case when the club was pursuing Ugarte. We were told over the weekend that Chelsea will aggressively pursue the signing of Caicedo this summer, and the loss of Ugarte will intensify their pursuit. Brighton, however, are notoriously difficult negotiators, and we have been informed that they will demand more than £80 million for his signature.

“Adding to the complexity of this transaction is Arsenal’s strong interest in him. In recent weeks, both clubs have held discussions with the midfielder and his representatives. Certainly something to keep a watch out for.”

seongmin questioned, “Is Chelsea currently uninterested in Declan Rice?” Or Chelsea’s interest remains, but I wonder if it’s not a priority or if it’s entirely off the list, and if there’s still interest, I wonder if Chelsea are willing to make a bid…”

Bobby responded, “Hello, Seongmin.” Thank you for your inquiry.

“Yes, Chelsea have always been interested in Rice. I have no reason to believe that has altered, but the signing is currently looking very difficult. Arsenal have done more preparatory work than Chelsea, and the player has made it abundantly clear that his next transfer will be to a Champions League club. Arsenal currently has this advantage over Chelsea, so it appears more probable that he will join them. “Nothing has progressed yet, but I wouldn’t rule out anything completely.”

Seongmin replied, “Thank you for your response; I have more questions for you. It may be difficult to answer this query, but can Chelsea really be determined and bid for Rice? And Chelsea said they were interested in Rice, so it’s true that Rice is likely to sign with Arsenal for the time being, but is there any chance he could join Chelsea?”

Bobby responded, “Of course they can. I can only go by what I currently know, and it does not appear that will be the case. However, you know as well as I do that nothing is set in stone, especially with Chelsea, so perhaps this interest will resurface later in the summer.

“However, as stated, Arsenal are the favorites. They have performed the most preparation. They play in the Champions League. It will be challenging for Chelsea and Rice. Moises Caicedo appears to be Chelsea’s primary target at this time.


Behind the scenes at Chelsea on Mount move, Moises Caicedo matter and Declan Rice’s case