Chelsea receives a $55m Mason Mount warning from Liverpool after Man Utd bid.

Chelsea receives a $55m Mason Mount warning from Liverpool after Man Utd bid.

Todd Boehly has been warned that Mason Mount’s summer transfer away from Chelsea may not be as straightforward as it appears.

The athlete is already the subject of widespread rumors after failing to agree to new terms with the club after months of negotiations.

As he prepares to enter the final year of his contract, Chelsea have issued an early window ultimatum, threatening to sanction a sale if no agreement can be reached between the two parties.

Football coaches Todd Boehly and Mauricio Pochettino are both interested in retaining Mount at the club.London comprehends, but confusion and shifting objectives over the winter have stalled negotiations.

The new proprietors are now confronted with the possibility of having to part ways with a two-time player of the year who is not only a fan favorite but also a shining star in the club’s academy.

Although new interactions are anticipated prior to the approval of any sale, the outlook is not optimistic.

Mount is anticipated to agree to personal terms with Manchester United, which indicates that Chelsea are still playing catch-up.

London was informed. Despite interest from Arsenal, Bayern Munich, and Liverpool, the Red Devils are reportedly his preferable destination, and a bid is on the way.

Mount faces a potentially career-defining decision upon his return from vacation, should Chelsea concede that no agreement is feasible. They will not oppose a transfer as long as the transfer fee is sufficient.

A sale is likely so as not to repeat the mistakes made last summer when Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen both departed for free.

The issue, apart from losing Mount in general, is that Chelsea has a high valuation for a player with less than one year remaining on his contract, whose value will decrease with each passing day.

United and other potential suitors have a stronger negotiating position than Chelsea, who risk losing him for nothing if no transfer occurs.

The reported proposal for the 24-year-old is £50 million ($62 million). That is less than the £60 million ($74.4 million) price tag set on him.

A figure closer to £70m ($86.8m) would be more in line with the club’s true estimation of his worth, which is closer to £50m.

This summer, Boehly-Clearlake faces the difficult task of convincing a club, let alone a rival, to pay more than £50 million for a player with one year remaining on his contract.

Liverpool have already demonstrated how volatile the market is by acquiring Alexis Mac Allister for a reported £45 million ($55.8 million).

This is an agreement to acquire him from one of the most difficult negotiators in the area, Brighton, despite his outstanding individual season.

Mac Allister is the same age as Mount, has a two-year contract with an additional year added in October, and has had a more productive and successful season than Mount. All things considered, he is poised to join a Premier League rival for a pittance.

Brighton reportedly had a £70m price tag on the player during the winter, and he only inked a new contract this season. Due to the contract’s weight, Brighton’s position was severely undermined. Chelsea are in a similar position.

This season, Mac Allister scored over three times as many league goals as Mount and had the same number of assists. The players are comparable at this point, so Chelsea should take this transfer as a warning.

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If Boehly still expects competitors to pay exorbitant sums for a transfer, he is likely to be disappointed.

Chelsea receives a $55m Mason Mount warning from Liverpool after Man Utd bid.