Chelsea superstars left sad as Frank Lampard describes club’s Mauricio Pochettino delay

Chelsea superstars left sad as Frank Lampard describes club’s Mauricio Pochettino delay

As they wait for Mauricio Pochettino to be named the club’s next manager, Chelsea players are struggling with their current decline.

Frank Lampard believes he understands why Mauricio Pochettino is not in a hurry to arrive at Chelsea.

The interim head coach is preparing for the London derby against Arsenal before back-to-back-to-back matches against Manchester City, Manchester United, and Newcastle to conclude a difficult season at Stamford Bridge.

Meanwhile, discussions with former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino about taking over at the conclusion of the season are reportedly progressing very well.

“We are now at the point in the season where we realize we will not qualify for Europe,” Lampard said.

“Other managers are probably thinking, ‘I’ll examine this and wait until preseason to implement what I want.'”

It’s not a foolish move on their behalf, as the final four teams will make for a difficult stretch of games.

“At the same time, should the club’s proprietors take their time in hiring a manager? Indeed, they should do that.”

Todd Boehly and his associates took over the club at the end of May of the previous year, and following a dispute with incumbent Thomas Tuchel, they initially selected former Brighton manager Graham Potter.

He later described it as “the most difficult job in football.” Who knows what he would think of the situation Lampard has created for himself.

The players are miserable after losing their previous five games; they have already scheduled their vacations.

They are aware that Lampard will not have a lasting impact on the club, and they suspect that Pochettino has already been selected to oversee a significant talent purge in the summer.

Lampard added, “There are certainly obstacles, as you have outlined.

I’ve also booked my June vacation, but I’m not less motivated to confront Arsenal because I’ll be in America or something.

“It is not going to work that way for me and it is not going to work that way for the players I understand – and I also understand young lads who may be contemplating their futures and what next season may hold for them, so I can’t expect everyone in a 30-man squad to walk in with a big smile on their face.”

Lampard has pledged to remain in his position for the duration of the season, come what may.

But is he unconcerned about the effect that so many dismal results have on his managerial ambitions beyond SW6?

He asserted, “My playing career has provided me with a level of comfort so that I do not need to worry.”

“All I must do is make decisions and enjoy my employment. I have pride and I want to do this job as well as I can, but I am not considering the repercussions.

“I appreciate a challenge. Will I emerge from this experience a marginally better coach? I believe probably so.

I left Chelsea the last time better, I left Everton better, and I will leave this game better as well. I am the Chelsea Football Club manager, which is not a terrible position to be in. And, as stated, I’ve booked my vacation!”

Chelsea superstars left sad as Frank Lampard describes club’s Mauricio Pochettino delay