Edu summarizes Arsenal summer transfer plans amid Premier League psyche shift with Mikel Arteta

Edu summarizes Arsenal summer transfer plans amid Premier League psyche shift with Mikel Arteta

Arsenal’s season would ultimately conclude in disappointment. Three victories in their final nine matches proved to be their undoing, as the impending presence of Manchester City proved insurmountable.

Many have speculated that the Gunners “bottled” the league championship as a consequence. However, Edu sees things differently.

The Brazilian stated, “I think people need to analyze a bit more thoroughly.” “I believe my position here compels me to evaluate the entire season.

Our performance has declined in our last five matches. Our consistent performance enabled us become contenders for the championship. Our performance declined, so we must determine why this occurred. We already comprehend the reason for this.

I wouldn’t say that Arsenal buckled under duress, but we are to blame for our own disappointment. No one anticipated that we would be title contenders.

“Because we created the expectation that we could win, but then fell short, we were culpable for raising our expectations and also for our disappointment. I believe, and I say this with the utmost respect, that this could be a positive development.

“Our mentality has changed as a result of our frustration at not capturing a championship. It indicates that our objectives differ. This is something I’ve desired since my arrival. I want us to compete for championships and to be at the summit of the standings. That is what we desire.

Considering our recent history, it could be argued that experiencing this anger is a positive trait. We used to exult finishing in fourth or third place in the Premier League. Now we are disappointed that we placed second. Therefore, I believe that the work we are doing in this club is beneficial.

“We cannot overlook the fact that we compete in the Premier League and have not participated in the Champions League for the past seven years.

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You are familiar with the opponents we must face, organizations with a great deal of historical financial and match power. We remained title contenders, and we placed Arsenal where it belongs.”

The next obstacle for Arsenal is to attain this lofty objective. It will not be simple to close the distance with Manchester City, and Mikel Arteta admits that this summer will be “crucial” in that regard.

The majority of the responsibility falls on Edu’s shoulders, and he disclosed that discussions have already begun on how to improve the team’s performance.

“We need to identify how we can improve,” he said. “If we must enhance specific, individual positions, players, final touch, midfielders, and our defense, we must do so.

Our manner of play with Mikel Arteta is unmistakable, so we already know what it is. Now, when you watch Arsenal play, you can recognize our approach.

“Now we must comprehend how to improve our athletes so that the team can reach a new level of performance.” I believe there is a higher dimension. Mikel and I have discussed the possibility of increasing our performance to a new level.

Now we must do a good job in the transfer window, comprehend what we need, and acquire the right athletes, the right traits, and the right athlete mentality in order to raise the level of our team.”

Granit Xhaka is expected to be the first of a number of departures as Arsenal prepares to overhaul their squad once more.

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Mason Mount, Moises Caicedo, Marc Guehi, and, of course, Declan Rice are firmly on the Gunners’ radar as they attempt to accomplish something they have not done in 20 years.

Edu summarizes Arsenal summer transfer plans amid Premier League psyche shift with Mikel Arteta