November 28, 2023

Erik ten Hag Makes a huge Turn On Greenwood’s Immediate Future

Erik ten Hag Makes a huge Turn On Greenwood’s Immediate Future

Erik ten Hag Makes a huge Turn On Greenwood’s Immediate Future

Manchester United currently has no plans to loan out Mason Greenwood during the summer.

Greenwood has not participated in any United fixtures since January 2022. His arrest and subsequent allegations of attempted rape, controlling behavior, and assault led to this absence.

The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed that all charges against Greenwood were eventually dropped due to the withdrawal of critical witnesses.

Manchester United has conducted an internal investigation in response to this situation. The club is anticipated to make a decision soon based on the results of this investigation.

According to a recent report by The Athletic, Manchester United is considering keeping Mason Greenwood under contract while also investigating the possibility of a one-season loan. This strategy seeks to avoid the negative public reaction that could result from reintegrating him immediately into the team.

While Old Trafford’s sporting department is in favor of Greenwood’s return, United’s commercial partners are inclined to sever all ties with the youthful forward.

Officials of the club are faced with the difficult task of considering all of these factors while also considering the opinions of the players, the women’s team, and the staff.

According to a report discussed by The Peoples Person, Atalanta and Juventus are considering acquiring Greenwood on a temporary basis. 

The relationship between Atalanta and Greenwood is particularly strong given that Manchester United is currently in negotiations with Atalanta regarding Rasmus Hojlund, who is their manager Ten Hag’s top priority for their striker position.

However, according to The Athletic, Atalanta is not particularly excited about Greenwood joining their team. Meanwhile, Laurie Whitwell explains that it is unlikely that the academy product Greenwood will be allowed to go out on loan.

“United have been exploring potential loan deals for Greenwood, and Atalanta have brought up his name,” Whitwell said.

“United are attempting to sign Serie A player Rasmus Hojlund. However, sources close to Atalanta have downplayed the likelihood of a transfer for Greenwood. United are not currently actively investigating loan options.

“In an effort to maintain fitness, Greenwood has trained privately for several months with the full knowledge of United.”

Greenwood, a native of Bradford, was not included in the traveling squad of the 20-time English champions that traveled to Edinburgh on Wednesday to play Lyon.

 According to Whitwell, his name is also missing from the roster of players scheduled to partake in the preseason tour of the United States.

United make a dramatic about-face regarding Mason Greenwood’s immediate future.

Erik ten Hag Makes a huge Turn On Greenwood’s Immediate Future

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