Ex Premier League striker supports ‘scapegoated’ Harry Maguire amid ‘excessive scrutiny’

Harry Kane supports ‘scapegoated’ Harry Maguire amid ‘excessive scrutiny’

Harry Kane defended Harry Maguire, as the England captain criticized the defender’s “scapegoating” amid “unnecessary scrutiny.”

A little more than two years after being named to the team of the tournament at the European Championship, the 30-year-old is now the punchline to many quips.

Maguire’s struggles with form and playing time at Manchester United have increased attention on a player who has remained a key member of the England team.

Gareth Southgate described the treatment of the center-back against Scotland at Hampden Park as “ridiculous,” “a joke,” and “beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed.”

The England captain believes that Maguire is subjected to unwarranted attention and ridicule, as he scored an own goal during the first half of England’s 3-1 friendly victory.

“I believe H has been subjected to unwarranted scrutiny,” said the Bayern Munich striker.

“Maybe a little bit of a scapegoat for how the team has performed in recent times.

“He is a really close friend of mine, he’s a great guy, and a professional who works extremely hard.

“From an England perspective, he has been one of our best defenders and one of the greatest defenders in our country’s history while wearing an England shirt.“It is now an integral element of our sport, football. You are scrutinized everywhere on social media, but knowing him, he will only want to work harder, develop, and remain focused.

We support him completely on the national team. I am aware that the coach has publicly supported him 100 percent.

“There will always be noise surrounding players, but the most important thing is that England has a very strong core, and that is the most important thing going into big games and tournaments.”

Bayern hosts out-of-sorts United in the Champions League Group A opener on Wednesday, turning Kane and Maguire from teammates to adversaries.

When told that he could make circumstances worse for the defender, sharpshooter Kane replied, “Yeah, but this is football. I have previously competed against acquaintances and England teammates.

“Once you step onto the field, your competitiveness emerges and you want to perform at your best for your team, and nothing else really crosses your consciousness. That is not something I consider.

“However, Harry is an excellent individual and professional. Many young players can ideally be inspired by his journey to become football players by observing his career.

“However, if he plays (on Wednesday night), our friendship disappears for 90 minutes, and I give my all for Bayern Munich.”

Harry Kane supports ‘scapegoated’ Harry Maguire amid ‘excessive scrutiny’

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