December 3, 2023

Harry Kane just made upcoming Mohamed Salah conclusion more comfortable at Liverpool

Harry Kane just made upcoming Mohamed Salah conclusion more comfortable at Liverpool

Harry Kane just made upcoming Mohamed Salah conclusion more comfortable at Liverpool

You must feel compassion for Harry Kane. Having been plagued for the past five years by the notion that he needs trophies to become a true great, he is now receiving criticism from those who believe he should have stayed to pursue the Premier League goals record.

In an entirely predictable turn of events, his Bayern Munich debut resulted in a 3-0 loss to RB Leipzig, marking the first time in four years that the Bavarians have not won the DFL Supercup. However, it is inevitable that Kane will win a trophy in Germany in the near future.

Ultimately, only Kane knows if that will satiate him, and a Liverpool writer has no business determining whether or not he made the correct decision. However, it is undeniable that more people discuss Alan Shearer than any of his Blackburn teammates with whom he won the Premier League; the scoring record can only be held by one individual, making it a far uncommon honor than any trophy.
Kane’s legacy as an exceptional Premier League goalscorer is assured, regardless of whether he surpasses Shearer. Even Liverpool’s own Robbie Fowler, who is ranked in the top ten, receives far less recognition from the footballing community than he deserves. The only way to genuinely secure a status that transcends generations of fans is to be the best.

Erling Haaland broke the Premier League single-season goals record in his first season with Manchester City, displacing Mohamed Salah from the record books. As long as Kane has been in the league, Liverpool’s star player has been ruled out of contention for the overall record. But as the division’s new highest-ranked active player, does he have a chance?

Without a doubt, Salah would want it desperately. Despite being an altruistic creator and team player, he values personal accolades and was infamously’shocked’ by his Ballon d’Or snub (Goal). For a Chelsea failure to achieve Premier League immortality would be quite a turnaround.

Salah, however, is operating at a significant disadvantage as a result of his time at Chelsea, which may have come too early or been dreadfully mismanaged by the London club. Due to his time spent in Italy prior to joining Liverpool, he has only had six full seasons to reach his current level (plus the two goals he scored with the Blues).
In such a short period of time, to become the fourteenth-leading scorer of all time is incredibly remarkable. Salah could claim the top position in fewer years than Shearer did if he maintains the same level of production for the next six seasons. At 31, however, time is against him.

Nonetheless, it is not unattainable. Since he slowed down a bit after an explosive inaugural season, Salah has maintained a relatively consistent output. The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo remained an exceptional goalscorer at a high level until at least the age of 36 provides some cause for optimism.

Salah would move within single digits of Shearer’s record in ‘just’ five more seasons (including this one) if he continued to average his current rate at Liverpool. Clearly, this remains an enormous request, but if anyone will back the Egyptian to accomplish it, it will be himself.

He can surely propel himself to the top of the list. With Kane’s departure from the division, the former Spurs player is unquestionably in striking distance for second place. If Salah remains for three more seasons beyond the current one, he will have scored 74 goals, which is very possible.

Currently, that is a huge “if.” The fact that Salah’s contract with Liverpool continues until 2025 will force both parties to make a significant decision. When the player’s contract expires, he will be 33 years old, and the club will need to determine if another enormous expenditure is justified. Meanwhile, the player will undoubtedly have other options to consider.

One of these is Saudi Arabia, which is rumored to be planning a massive campaign for Salah beginning in the summer of 2019. But Kane may have just made his decision simpler, as he has been unexpectedly presented with a legitimate opportunity to become an all-time icon well beyond the confines of Anfield, which could tip the scales in favor of a Liverpool stay.

Harry Kane just made upcoming Mohamed Salah conclusion more comfortable at Liverpool

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