I wanted Chelsea transfer but they accidentally vandalized the deal and I joined Premier League rivals instead

When they took over, the Abu Dhabi proprietors of Manchester City wasted no time spending money, and they can thank Chelsea for facilitating one transfer.

In an effort to make a statement during the 2008 transfer window, the Premier League club paid Real Madrid £32.5 million for Robinho on the September transfer deadline day.
Inflation-adjusted, this fee would now be in excess of £100 million.

The Real Madrid star didn’t seem to know where he was going, but Chelsea and the Spanish champions agreed on a fee in the final days.

Manager Luiz Felipe Scolari appeared to be on track to reunite with the Samba star he coached while in command of Brazil.

That was until Chelsea stores began selling Robinho-branded shirts by accident.

This did not go over well at Real Madrid’s headquarters, and they promptly began working to terminate the contract.

Therefore, Chelsea sabotaged their own agreement, allowing City to swoop in and acquire the forward.

Robinho informed FourFourTwo in 2017 when he was playing for Atletico Mineiro that he desired to join Chelsea.

“Scolari told me that I could be a game-changer for the team,”However, Real Madrid did not appreciate the fact that Chelsea sold shirts with my name on them before the transaction was finalized.

“I am certain that this is what caused the negotiations to fail; it was a matter of Real Madrid’s pride.”

“They were also hesitant to allow me to transfer to a club that participated in the Champions League that season.” Chelsea was, while City was not.”

Robinho’s 18-month stint with City fell short of expectations, despite his arrival for a hefty transfer fee.

On his Premier League début against Chelsea, of all teams, on September 13, 2008, he scored a goal for his new club, launching his career with a bang.

Ricardo Carvalho, Frank Lampard, and Nicolas Anelka scored for Scolari’s team to make the tally 3-1 and possibly sow some doubt in Robinho’s mind.

While he may have completed his first season as the club’s leading scorer with 14 goals, his second season was marred by injuries and he subsequently fell in the pecking order.

“I moved to a great club and they welcomed me in the best way,” he continued. “I had 1.5 years of happiness in Manchester, despite the city being considerably chilly than Madrid!

“I do not regret leaving Madrid, but I am sorry that my departure ended so poorly.”

He returned to his native country in January, penning a loan deal with boyhood club Santos before leaving the Premier League for AC Milan in the summer.

Thereafter, he spent time in Turkey, Brazil, and China before returning to Santos a third time and retiring in 2020.
However, his time spent in Italy continues to torment him.
A court in Italy sentenced Robinho, now 39, to nine years in prison for rape.
In 2017, he was convicted in Milan of participating in a group sexual assault. However, Brazil does not extradite its citizens, and the former athlete has always denied the allegations.

Officials from Italy requested in February that he serve his sentence in Brazil, and a country’s highest court will determine whether or not the court case will be translated from Italian to Portuguese and further considered by its own judiciary.

I wanted Chelsea transfer but they accidentally vandalized the deal and I joined Premier League rivals instead