Jim Beglin's all-time best Premier League eleven.

Jim Beglin’s all-time best Premier League eleven.

Jim Beglin’s all-time best Premier League eleven.

Since its inception in 1992, the English Premier League has been graced by some of the game’s greatest players.

They left an indelible mark on fans around the globe.

The lucrative television rights deal at the beginning of the 1990s boosted the Premier League’s popularity.

Due to its glitz and glamor, it quickly became the destination for the most promising young players in the beautiful game, resulting in an influx of foreign talent.

Manchester United has been the most dominant force in the history of the Premier League.

Six former Red Devils are therefore not a surprise on my team!

Goalkeeper: Peter Schmeichel

Peter Schmeichel, a Dane, stands head and shoulders above all other Premier League goalkeepers.

I admired him for his unwillingness to tolerate fools; if something went wrong on the field, he was the first to hold someone responsible.

In a Manchester United team full of big personalities, he possessed essentially character strength.

Schmeichel was a loud, authoritative figure in the back who constantly dictated and relayed information to those in front of him.

Gary Neville, right-back

Gary Neville was Mr. Dependable for Manchester United.

He was also Mr. Consistency, not only during a single season, but throughout his illustrious club and international career.

He advanced when the situation called for it, but he did not attack like a modern full-back would.

He did it because it was a requirement of his job, not to impress anyone.

He committed few errors, and as a result, he was one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s first choices for Manchester United.

Center-Back: Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand possessed the ideal skill set for that position; he was born to play as a central defender, and many boxes were checked.

He was always confident and at ease, regardless of who he was up against, and he was able to handle almost anything thrown his way; he was rarely bullied.

The fact that he possessed the speed and composure to play in midfield is a tremendous asset for a central defender.

It was crucial to his partnership with Nemanja Vidic, another brilliant central defender for Manchester United in the Premier League, that he had an incredible recovery rate.

John Terry, Center-Back

He lacked speed and was not the quickest on the turn, but he compensated by reading and anticipating danger much better than the others.

He nearly dominated the near-post position and popped up there repeatedly to thwart opponents by simply being where he should be and causing obstructions.

Looking back on his career, it is evident that he was always in the right place at the right time, contributing significantly to numerous Chelsea teams over the years.

Regarding the club’s playing talent, he was the leader and essentially ran the locker room as team captain.

Left Defense: Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole possessed the athleticism, stamina, and vigor to keep going for a long time, and he had a tremendously successful club and national career.

He may not have been one of Chelsea’s most prominent leaders, but he performed admirably and let his game speak for itself.

During his prime, his performances elevated him to the level where he was regarded as the best left-back in the world.

Against Portugal in the Euro 2004 semi-final, he was absolutely phenomenal. He almost says, “Look at me now and see how far I’ve come.”

Conservative: Cristiano Ronaldo

We have now entered the realm of superstardom, and during his time with Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo was undoubtedly one of the biggest draws in the Premier League.

As a young boy from Sporting Lisbon, he moved to England with the goal of becoming the best player in the world, a goal he demonstrated during his time at Old Trafford.

He set out to become the best player he could be, knowing he had the ability and power to do so; nothing was going to stop him!

He thrived in the limelight and the celebrity that came with it, producing the Cristiano Ronaldo show as often as possible.

Roy Keane is a Midfielder.

Roy Keane was hailed as the greatest midfield talent since Liam Brady, and he was still young, so I decided not to interview him.

That was my first encounter with Roy Keane as a character.

He was a fearsome competitor and a courageous individual who tolerated nothing he didn’t like.

He didn’t care how his team won as long as they won; he lived in a “can’t lose” world.

He was an outstanding passer of the ball who exuded contagious energy that spread to his teammates.

Center-Midfielder: Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard, Mr. Dynamic for Liverpool, is one of the most exquisite passers I’ve witnessed in the Premier League.

Imagine a midfield consisting of Roy Keane and Steven Gerrard; they would be an ideal pairing!

Gerrard excelled in every area where Keane failed. When his team needed him, he led by example and simply stepped up his performance.

He did not play on great teams, unlike the majority of other athletes. He carried Liverpool teams through the years by producing a level of play that few players in the world could match.

Left-Wing: Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs was one of the most exciting Premier League players; from an early age, his fearlessness drew comparisons to the legendary George Best.

Some of my friends with season tickets to Old Trafford would go simply to watch the Welshman explode on the left flank.

Giggs had a beautiful, entertaining style of free-running, and he had no regard for the defenders he faced; he simply tore them apart!

Fans of Manchester United adored him, and he was a delight to observe.

He eventually evolved into a central midfielder after more than two decades of thrilling and entertaining audiences.

Striker: Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry exuded a majestic elegance and performed all actions with grace.

At Juventus, he struggled as a winger, but Arsene Wenger transformed him into a spectacular, goal-scoring machine of a striker.

The fact that he went from an inexperienced winger to Arsenal’s all-time leading scorer says everything about him!

During his time at Arsenal, he won games by himself by performing absurd feats with the ball, and he possessed the rare ability to both score and create goals.

Striker: Allan Shearer

Wow, 260 Premier League goals in 441 appearances! Alan Shearer was a number nine whose job it was to score goals, but he was never satisfied and constantly focused on the next one.

Despite his fair share of injury setbacks, he never lost his passion for the game, and he always returned with a stronger desire to score goals.

On his Premier League debut for Blackburn Rovers, he scored two long-range goals and left his mark on the grandest stage.

Shearer could hit the ball hard, excelled in the air, and was also adept at being in the right place to score what I refer to as pop-ups.