Klopp names Liverpool player who needs “help” after finding a flaw in new formation.

Klopp names Liverpool player who needs “help” after finding a flaw in new formation.

It is safe to say that Liverpool’s new formation has been well received thus far. Seven points from the last three games and 11 goals scored is certainly a success, particularly when you consider that they were down 2-0 against the league leaders in one of those games.

Trent Alexander-Arnold, who has been given a new lease on life since assuming a midfield position and re-establishing himself as the architect of Liverpool’s attacking prowess, has been instrumental in the resurgence.

That is not to claim that Jürgen Klopp’s master plan has been flawless. There was evidence of this during the first half against Arsenal, while the Reds elevated the blood pressure of their fans when they gifted Leeds a goal shortly before halftime.
On Saturday against Nottingham Forest, this issue nearly derailed what should have been a much more comfortable victory.

While this season’s midfield issues have been well-documented, the defense has not evaded criticism. Despite the fact that Virgil van Dijk has not been at his best this season, the return of Ibrahima Konaté from injury has been a positive.

In the last two of games, however, the Frenchman has encountered some difficulty with the ball due to the new attacking formation. His performance against Nottingham Forest even prompted Jurgen Klopp to comment on the issue.

“Today, Nottingham [Forest] attempted to man-mark both sixes and tens with Hendo and Curtis [Jones],” stated Klopp. “This made things somewhat difficult and gave Ibou (Konaté) a lot of time on the ball, which he didn’t utilize all that well at first.”Ibou had ample time and space, which brings us to the next point. How can we assist Ibou in utilizing these moments marginally more effectively if an opponent is doing this? This system is in its infancy, so we must work on that.”

Konaté has been a shining spot for Liverpool since his 2021 transfer from RB Leipzig, but his ability with the ball has been scrutinized as the Reds have ventured into new territory. The 23-year-old appeared nervous against Leeds, with his error leading to the home team’s goal, and he did not do enough against Forest to dispel any misgivings.

Alexander-Arnold’s new central position eliminates one of Konaté’s pass-receiving options within the back four. Moreover, Jordan Henderson cannot be relied upon to advance the ball and maintain momentum now that he has moved further forward.

As with any change in formation, Liverpool will need training ground time to work on it, and despite the positive results so far, there is still plenty of work to be done to make Konaté and Van Dijk more comfortable with the ball.

Klopp names Liverpool player who needs “help” after finding a flaw in new formation.