Man City stiker chasing Mo Salah’s record as they host Chelsea

Man City stiker chasing Mo Salah’s record as they host Chelsea

Record of Haaland

Erling Haaland would have wanted to start regardless of whether or not there was still a chance to win the Premier League championship when Pep Guardiola selected his party for the Chelsea match.

In his first season in English football, the Manchester City forward has scored against 16 of 19 teams, with Liverpool being the only team he has not scored against (though, to be fair, he missed their home game and scored against them in the cup). Two organizations remain against whom Haaland has not scored with three games remaining.

The first of these is Chelsea, as Haaland failed to score during that bizarre performance at Stamford Bridge when City were struggling to find their rhythm and were rescued by Jack Grealish and Riyad Mahrez. Mo Salah, Andy Cole, Ian Wright, Alan Shearer, and Robin van Persie have previously scored against 17 opponents in a single season.

A goal on Sunday would position Haaland for the final game of the season, in which Brentford will attempt to keep him out for the second time.

Farewell at home

This is City’s final home encounter of the season; two away games and two cup games will follow at neutral sites. It has been a fantastic season at home, and the victories over Liverpool, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid in the past few months have been accompanied by incredible crowds.

The peculiarities of the title race have afforded City the chance to hoist the trophy in front of 50,000 of their own supporters on Sunday, as opposed to the small crowds in Brighton and Brentford. This will be a fitting conclusion to the year at Etihad Stadium.

Premier League reception

Blues have booed the national anthem at home and on the road ever since the Premier League allegations were brought against City. There will be a Premier League delegation present at the stadium who will present the trophy.

It will be intriguing to witness the response.

Cup final rehearsing

Despite the fact that City could slow down between now and the two finals, they will not want to lose momentum as they approach them. It is possible to avoid this by approaching each game as if it must be won.

Man City stiker chasing Mo Salah’s record as they host Chelsea