Manager suggests that £35m star is now ‘toiling’ at Liverpool.

Manager suggests that £35m star is now ‘toiling’ at Liverpool.

Despite having joined Liverpool in January, Ronald Koeman, the manager of the Netherlands national team, has hinted that Cody Gakpo is having trouble adjusting to life with the club.

In an interview with Voetbal International, the former coach of FC Barcelona dropped hints that the 24-year-old winger might require some additional adjustment time before becoming comfortable with the intensity and caliber of play in the Premier League.

Gakpo moved from PSV Eindhoven to Liverpool in a transaction that was reportedly for £35 million, and despite Koeman’s views, Jurgen Klopp has found the attacker to be quite successful since taking over the team.

However, despite the fact that the 24-year-old has been pretty impressive for the Reds, contributing seven goals and three assists in a total of 30 games, Koeman has a different opinion on the Dutch superstar.

The manager of Holland’s national team stated that it is important to keep in mind that Gakpo is still a young player.

Because Liverpool was going through a rough patch when he arrived there for the first time, it was challenging for him to make an immediate influence on the squad.

If you sign on with a team that is successful, you will have the opportunity to contribute when the time is perfect; however, Liverpool required something immediately, and this presented a challenge.

Because the Premier League is at a higher level than other leagues, you have to provide him the necessary time to grow and adjust to the competition.

Koeman has a history of saying things that are inappropriate or having an unorthodox perspective on a certain issue, and the former manager of Everton has surely accomplished this with his comments on Gakpo.

Even while the winger hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire in the Premier League, it’s unlikely that many Liverpool fans would argue that Gakpo has had a difficult time adjusting to life in England, given the club’s recent struggles.

In point of fact, Gakpo is one of the shining stars at Liverpool, and the winger continues to improve with each game that the Reds play in the Premier League.

Manager suggests that £35m star is now ‘toiling’ at Liverpool.

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