Manchester United star doesn’t want to leave Old Trafford amid PSG interest

Manchester United star doesn’t want to leave Old Trafford amid PSG interest

Despite reported interest from Paris Saint-Germain, Marcus Rashford has no plans to quit Manchester United in the near future.

The Sun reports that Marcus Rashford has made a definitive decision regarding his future. The Englishman has no intention of leaving Manchester United during the summer transfer window. The most recent development has been a setback for Paris Saint-Germain.

Marcus Rashford has been one of Manchester United’s few success stories since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement. Following the legendary Scot’s retirement a decade ago, the Red Devils have struggled to assert their dominance. During this time, they have won few trophies due to their players’ inconsistent performance.

In contrast, the Englishman has been a breath of new air at Old Trafford over the past eight years.
And to think that Rashford’s debut was
precipitated by Manchester United’s injury crisis in 2015-16. However, the voyage of the player has not been without obstacles. And it took him a long time to establish himself as Manchester United’s talismanic figure.

For instance, the 25-year-old was terrible during the 2021/22 season due to fitness issues and subpar form.

But Rashford has been outstanding in the current season, netting goals with ease.

In 56 appearances, a total of 30 goals and 11 assists is impressive.
This past season, Manchester United was excessively reliant on Rashford for goals.

When the Red Devils require something exceptional from him, the Englishman rises to the occasion.

However, Rashford’s contract will expire in just over a year, leaving Manchester United in a bind.

The academy graduate’s outstanding play has not gone unnoticed, as PSG is eager to acquire him.

However, Rashford has previously rebuffed advances from the French club.

And the 25-year-old wishes to remain with Manchester United beyond the summer transfer window, bringing him closer to a new contract.

Recent reports indicate that the two parties are close to concluding an agreement.

The fact that Rashford rejected PSG and other suitors has improved Manchester United’s prospects. It will be intriguing to see if the Red Devils prioritize bolstering their roster and relieving the English attacker.

Manchester United star doesn’t want to leave Old Trafford amid PSG interest