November 29, 2023

Manchester United star’s destiny won’t rest on his attacking quality

Manchester United star's destiny won't rest on his attacking quality

Manchester United star’s destiny won’t rest on his attacking quality

Wednesday, Amad Diallo‘s 45-minute appearance in a friendly did not hinder his future prospects with Manchester United. However, a 45-minute friendly appearance cannot be used to predict a player’s future.

In the 2-0 victory over Leeds, the winger impressed with incisive running a day after turning 21. It was no accident that the majority of United’s attacks came down his side, and although preseason results must be taken with a grain of salt, these were encouraging indications.

After the result, Erik ten Hag stated in his characteristically blunt manner, “You don’t make conclusions after one week,” and Amad will have to do much more to break into the Dutchman’s first-team plans. Next week, he will join the team in the United States, where he must build on his impressive debut.

The youngster’s double-digit return on loan at Sunderland during the previous campaign is evidence of his potential. In his first season back in the second division, he helped the Black Cats reach the playoffs with 14 goals and three assists, and he is now prepared to step up.

To enter into the Dutchman’s plans for the upcoming season, Amad must demonstrate his defensive prowess as an attacker.

Last July, Ten Hag said of his forwards, “I hope we can persuade them as they do a great deal of work and running.” “Oftentimes you observe offensive athletes, they miss, or so they believe, in the offensive energy.

“However, you can see that they exert a great deal of effort in defense, and they are rewarded by scoring goals because we are winning the ball in the air.” No opponent enjoys losing against the press in the defensive line. I believe that is a huge advantage, but you need the whole team.”

Ten Hag places equal importance on defensive effort from his attacking players, and he requires his forwards to press in order for them to remain in his plans. This is why he was so intent on Mason Mount joining in the summer, the 24-year-old providing a significant running power upgrade over the aging Christian Eriksen.

It’s also why he relied so heavily on Bruno Fernandes last season, with the Portuguese midfielder amassing 5,156 minutes in all competitions, which is equivalent to more than 57 complete games. Fernandes is Ten Hag’s man on the field and, despite criticism after United’s 7-0 loss at Liverpool, United’s most aggressive off-ball presser.

In May, Ten Hag said of Fernandes, “He leads by example, provides the team with so much energy, desire, and determination.” “If you want to win games and trophies, you need such players.”

“As a 10, we know what he can contribute, but he’s also an excellent presser who understands when to close down. In addition, he understands when to trail back and close passing lines.

Therefore, even if our press is beaten, he understands when to retreat and can play between the lines and make passes. He has so many talents. It is a delight to collaborate with players such as him.”

As with Fernandes, Antony, Jadon Sancho, and even leading scorer Marcus Rashford realize they have little chance of maintaining a starting position if they do not put in the necessary work. Moments of attacking brilliance are spectacular, but effort is unavoidable.

Ten Hag made a point of not jumping to conclusions after a single friendly, and he will use Wednesday’s voyage to Edinburgh and the US matches to demonstrate his reasoning. Wide attack is a well-stocked area of the field, and decisiveness will be required.

In order for Amad to maintain his claim for a roster spot next season, he must continue to demonstrate the same level of quality as he did on Wednesday. However, he must also demonstrate a willingness to defend and pursue. Both will be considered in his evaluation.

Manchester United star’s destiny won’t rest on his attacking quality

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