November 28, 2023

‘Matter of days’: Chelsea to reveal their new boss very soon.

'Matter of days’: Chelsea to reveal their new boss very soon.

‘Matter of days’: Chelsea to reveal their new boss very soon.

According to journalist Julien Laurens, the only minor elements that need to be straightened out before Chelsea announces Mauricio Pochettino as their next permanent manager are expected to be smoothed out in the next few days.

In a similar vein, a report that was published not so long ago in The Telegraph stated that Pochettino was in the last stages of negotiations with Chelsea for the manager post.

Even though Frank Lampard’s appointment as caretaker manager buys Chelsea some time to make a decision, the club needs to choose a new manager as soon as possible so that it can begin preparing for the upcoming season as soon as possible.

According to Laurens, who thinks that Pochettino’s move to Chelsea will very soon be official, this is exactly the plan that has been devised.

The French journalist informed ESPN FC that there are “only details to be sorted out” in reference to Mauricio Pochettino’s anticipated appointment as the manager of Chelsea.

Everyone that accompanied him throughout his time at Paris Saint-Germain is going to follow him to Chelsea.

“It’s just those kinds of details to iron out, but he’s already working on the squad and ideas for the next season,” she said.

“I expect it to be a matter of days before Pochettino is announced for next season, which means Lampard will still finish this season and Pochettino will take over in the summer.”

It is possible that many people would wonder why Chelsea does not simply put Pochettino in charge as soon as he signs the contract; nevertheless, there will be very little motivation to expedite the move.

Even if he would not be in the dugout, it is possible that the Argentine would still be able to make in-depth evaluations of the players.

However, he would not be under the same amount of pressure as someone who immediately assumed over.

It would be a different matter if Chelsea were still battling for a top-four berth, of course, but the reality is that after the defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League, the season was very much over for them.

This would make the situation quite different.

‘Matter of days’: Chelsea to reveal their new boss very soon.

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