Mauricio Pochettino: Chelsea report delay explained as Frank Lampard discloses first duty

Mauricio Pochettino: Chelsea report delay explained as Frank Lampard discloses first duty

Gary Neville is optimistic about Chelsea’s revival under Mauricio Pochettino and has made a bold prognostication for the upcoming season.

The former Spurs manager has agreed to join at the conclusion of the season, according to, but an official announcement has yet to be made.

The club’s reticence has alarmed some, as its performance on the field continues to leave much to be desired.

Frank Lampard has just one more game left in his managerial tenure, Sunday’s home match against Newcastle serving as his second and final game in command.

Pochettino is anticipated to make his debut as Chelsea’s head coach the next time the club competes in the Premier League, and Neville has high expectations for the pairing.

Neville said before the match between Tottenham and Manchester United at Old Trafford, “He did it at Tottenham, where he refined the squad back to where it was, quickly weeded out the players he didn’t want, and was very clinical around that, and then worked around a very talented group of players that he developed into a truly fantastic team.”

“I believe Chelsea is in a similar situation, although they have more players than Tottenham did, but I believe he’ll look at this group of players and believe that with one or two additions, a center-back, a midfielder, and undoubtedly a striker, they’ll be stronger. In the first transfer window, perhaps one of the other two positions and a forward.

“I believe he believes he can mold these players into a team capable of challenging for a top-three spot; I don’t think this is unrealistic, but they need to be molded swiftly. He will want to improve the dressing room and fill it with the players he desires.”

With over 15 first-team players potentially departing in the summer, the Blues have plenty to do in the meantime. It will be a major exercise in streamlining for the new ownership group, which has amassed the squad.

“The club will address the squad size, and the new manager will recognize this,” Lampard explained prior to the game. “The manager will bring his tactical work and approach with him. Numerous fundamentals and standards have manifestly declined.”

Pochettino is notoriously demanding of his players, and Neville can shape the club’s structure to assist the incumbent manager. He added, “I’m not surprised that we’ve seen Todd Boehly take a step back in the last 24 hours; that’s just PR, and it occurs all the time; Ed Woodward said the same thing for a few years here.

“I believe the Pochettino discussions will take four, five, or six weeks because he will ensure he has the proper team around him in the first team squad, medical squad, and sports scientists. The money won’t be an issue with Mauricio.

Additionally, there will be no interference from above. This season, there have been reports of Chelsea’s proprietors and sporting directors interfering with the team and making inappropriate comments in the locker room.

“He will ensure that this occurs, and he won’t intervene – he has too much experience now – unless the conditions are favorable, and I believe he has authority in this area now.”

It will be a significant change for Chelsea, but one that could ultimately stabilize the club after 12 months of transition.

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Mauricio Pochettino: Chelsea report delay explained as Frank Lampard discloses first duty