Real Madrid star could be an option to replace Mohamed Salah at Anfield

Real Madrid star could be an option to replace Mohamed Salah at Anfield

Vinicius Junior is one of the options on Liverpool’s shortlist of potential Mohamed Salah replacements, but it’s a highly tricky assignment.

The Athletic has compiled a list of potential replacements for Liverpool if Mohamed Salah departs, which includes Real Madrid stalwart Vinicius Junior.

The 23-year-old continues to develop in the Spanish capital, making it difficult for the Merseysiders to pry him away.

Only days have passed since the Saudi window slammed shut, an event that made Liverpool the proudest of all English clubs. Al Ittihad exerted pressure on the Merseysiders to sell Mohamed Salah, but their $150 million offer was rejected.

According to reports, they may have exceeded the £200 million mark.

The Saudis could make a new proposal in January or next summer. By then, Liverpool could soften their stance and prepare to sell their star forward, particularly considering the amount of money being offered.

The Merseysiders will have a difficult challenge ahead of them in replacing the Egyptian.

There are few options for optimal replacements, but Salah’s underrated creative output must also be replaced. Under Jurgen Klopp, the Egyptian provides an assist every three games, making him a formidable all-around forward.

Numerous options were mentioned as prospective candidates for the shortlist. Kylian Mbappe was linked to Liverpool, along with other players such as Bukayo Saka, Jarrod Bowen, and Junior.

Many have suggested Saka as the optimal replacement for Salah. To persuade Arsenal to part ways with their homegrown icon, there are complexities. Saka would also require considerable persuasion to quit his boyhood club.

According to current standards, he has no reason to quit the Gunners, as their endeavor is on the rise.

Bowen remains a dependable option for Liverpool, but the addition of Vinivious makes the possibility enticing. The 23-year-old, who is considered a Real Madrid mainstay, has no reason to quit the club unless a substantial offer is made.

Real Madrid has rarely severed ways with a player they deem crucial, but Vinicius could be the exception. He recently inked a new long-term contract with a release clause that is likely unattainable for Liverpool.

As things stand, Liverpool may propose a comparable amount for Salah’s potential sale. Florentino Perez considers that insufficient to transfer someone like Vinicius. Furthermore, his salary demands may exceed Salah’s current salary.

Therefore, even if the notion of Vinicius replacing Salah becomes a mirage for Liverpool, the Merseysiders will have to contend with a number of complications.

Other alternatives, such as Saka or Mbappe, appear risky for the Reds, but they could consider Bowen as a replacement for their icon.

Real Madrid star could be an option to replace Mohamed Salah at Anfield

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