November 29, 2023

Real Madrid star wants to exit for free next summer

Real Madrid star wants to exit for free next summer

Real Madrid star wants to exit for free next summer

Real Madrid lacks depth at the moment, but the club appears content with the options they currently have, so no new signings are anticipated this summer. Obviously, this would disappoint a great number of supporters. But they cannot dispute Carlo Ancelotti’s squad’s start to the season, as they have won both league games convincingly.

As the season progresses, they will face increasingly difficult challenges, and their depth will be tested. Similar to last season, Ancelotti’s squad struggled to consistently perform at their best after the World Cup hiatus.

Despite the squad’s lack of depth, there are a number of players who are not anticipated to see much action. There is also Alvaro Odriozola.

The Spaniard has been incapable of disrupting Ancelotti’s plans. Therefore, a withdrawal this summer would have made sense for all parties involved. However, it appears that Odriozola has other intentions.

Next summer, a Real Madrid player wishes to depart for free.
According to MARCA, Odriozola intends to remain with Real Madrid until the expiration of his contract on June 30, 2024, at which point he will be free to depart the club. Even Real Sociedad’s interest has not persuaded him to leave.

Odriozola was acquired from Real Sociedad in 2018 with the anticipation that he would serve as Dani Carvajal’s competition and long-term replacement. Things have not gone as anticipated.

Odriozola has played sparingly for Real Madrid and spent two loan seasons at Bayern Munich and Fiorentina. He has also spent time on loan with Bayern Munich and Fiorentina. Now 27 years old, he is in the prime of his career but spends the majority of his time on the sideline.

Odriozola would leave this summer in quest of playing time under ideal conditions. However, it appears that he will seek to remain for another year before becoming a free agent.

Real Madrid star wants to exit for free next summer

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