Revealed WhatsApp message, Postecoglou anger: Behind the scenes of that Harry Kane shirt action

Revealed WhatsApp message, Postecoglou anger: Behind the scenes of that Harry Kane shirt action

Tottenham’s foreign press conferences sometimes feature bizarre questions from reporters, but Saturday’s in Thailand was unusual.

Mauricio Pochettino was reportedly asked if he had lost weight before a Champions League match, prompting him to get up and pose like a 1950s catalog model.

A news conference intruder in Leipzig continued telling Jose Mourinho “everything is going to be ok” at Tottenham as he left the room after a Champions League loss.

Mystery dude was completely wrong. The global COVID-19 outbreak ended all in-person news conferences for over a year. Twelve months later, Mourinho was fired. If he says you’ll be fine, run away.

Antonio Conte’s stunning press conference in Southampton in March showed that managers can steal the show. As the media watched in disbelief, the words “excuses” and “players” were spewed with such wrath and anger.

Tottenham Hotspur’s new manager Ange Postecoglou faced what? The tour of his native Australia was uneventful, with Harry Kane questions he expected. However, Bangkok’s surprises surprised him.

At the Rajamangala National Stadium press conference, journalists were few. The organizers were well-prepared and polite, notifying the media of flooding outside the ground owing to the day’s rain and offering an alternative path into the structure.

The reporters saw something different in the press conference room. Tottenham shirts featuring Son on the back filled the first four or five rows of seats. Some were YouTubers, influencers, local media, and reporters from Asia and other countries. English reporters sat in the rear to ask questions.

The Bild journalist who would cause all the fuss sat a row in front, gently introducing himself to some UK reporters and showing no symptoms of the act he was preparing.

This unique location hosted Spurs’ new acquisition James Maddison and Postecoglou’s news conference. When a journalist posed a question from the back, those in football shirts in the front half of the room turned their phones around and recorded the duo.

It was a busy space, backing on to a working area for other reporters and photographers, and the annoyed Postecoglou never seemed impressed with the background noise, forcing the UK media to shout their queries from the rear.

Maddison, who is a father of a small kid and had twins this month before going on the trip, has shown maturity, according to Postecoglou. He thoughtfully answered every question to help the journalist.

The German reporter’s inquiry for Spurs’ £40m signing foreshadowed what was to follow.

“Could you get the number 10 shirt?” he requested. “I just mentioned Harry and don’t really want to talk on that,” Maddison smiled. Not sure how to answer it.”

After Maddison’s questioning ended, Postecoglou took the stage.

He discussed Maddison, Yves Bissouma, injury news, Thai football, and more. After asked the Australian three questions, the German reporter took over.

It began naturally.

“Yesterday you said you weren’t that relaxed about the Harry situation, what is your feeling today?” he questioned.

“That was two days ago and nothing has changed,” said the Spurs manager.

The reporter then pulled a new Bayern shirt with Kane and number nine from his bag.

What’s that like? It’s nice. he told Postecoglou.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said the Australian with a countenance as thunderous as the storm Tottenham had flown through to land in the Thai capital.

The Tottenham press officer quickly made it obvious that they would go on to another question from a different section of the room, but Postecoglou had chewed over it further, his wrath visibly building, and he spoke again, his stare never leaving the Bild reporter.

Did it make you laugh? Got it? Yeah? Maybe? Very good. “You came a long way for that, thank you,” he replied, smiling icily. It was the kind ‘Big Ange’ the South Melbourne Hellas full-back gave before he smashed into an unsuspecting winger.

Postecoglou returned to the news conference, addressing three more questions before it ended. The locals in the front rows snapped shots of the German reporter proudly holding the Kane jersey as he left the room.

After his moment of fame (or infamy) in the room, the Spurs press officer returned to express his unhappiness to the reporter about the occasion and its pointless, rude nature. The club found the stunt disrespectful to Postecoglou, Kane, and Spurs.

Later that evening, the German reporter received a WhatsApp message from that same Tottenham press officer informing him that the club had asked the organizer of the match against Leicester and the Singapore match against Lion City Sailors to revoke his accreditation.

The Bild reporter was so outraged that he printed the private WhatsApp message and named the press officer in a story that gave a slightly different version of the exchange with the Spurs head coach, including the shirt response that “Tottenham coach Ange Postecoglou wailed”.

The gruff Postecoglou may never have cried.

Revealed WhatsApp message, Postecoglou anger: Behind the scenes of that Harry Kane shirt action