Rice and Caicedo Move – Key Arsenal transfer plan could become a nightmare with two exiting

Rice and Caicedo Move – Key Arsenal transfer plan could become a nightmare with two exiting

Exciting is the possibility that both Moises Caicedo

and Declan Rice will feature for Arsenal next season. Outside of title contenders and Casemiro, the pair are undoubtedly the best two deeper central midfielders in the league.

Obviously, both players possess the technical ability to influence the box-to-box role, as Rice demonstrated with his goal against Gent in the UEFA Europa League.

In the meantime, Caicedo has been demonstrating his versatility by covering right-back for Brighton, and he excelled in his audition against Arsenal – besides terminating Gabriel Martinelli’s season, of course.

However, even if Arsenal were to acquire both of their ideal midfielders, there may be a problem arising in terms of what they would do. Specifically related to a greater number of outgoings than many estimated.

Granit Xhaka is anticipated to depart this summer. football.londonunderstands the Swiss midfielder’s £13 million transfer to Bayer Leverkusen.

Prior to rumors of Xhaka’s possible departure, Mikel Arteta’s team required the addition of two central midfielders. Xhaka has been a pivotal member of the team.

However, what is surprising are rumors that Thomas Partey may also depart. Two Serie A clubs are interested in the Ghanaian midfielder, according to The Mirror.

Partey struggled toward the conclusion of the season and was replaced by Jorginho, who was acquired in January to provide competition and had a significant impact.

However, the former Atletico Madrid player was and continues to be regarded as one of the club’s best players and a vital component of Arsenal’s ability to compete with Man City and in the Champions League next season.

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I prefer to use the term’reinforcement’ as opposed to’replacement,’ and that is precisely what Arsenal must do this season.

Even if we are “upgrading” Xhaka and Partey with Rice and Caicedo, it appears that Arsenal has not advanced if one or both are unavailable. I’d contend not.

This is why we need to add these players to our roster. Xhaka may be absent, but it is crucial to add these essential players to the remaining group of Jorginho and Partey.

If the Ghanaian leaves, more than Rice and Caicedo will be required, and they will need time to acclimate, as there is little crossover.

Fernandinho was ultimately replaced by Rodri, but the Brazilian remained initially to oversee the transition until last summer’s acquisition of Kalvin Phillips.

All of Arsenal’s accomplishments to date are in jeopardy if they do not make savvy signings this summer. The Gunners cannot face the upcoming season deficient in any position.

Rice and Caicedo Move – Key Arsenal transfer plan could become a nightmare with two exiting