Sir Alex Ferguson's right-hand man speaks out about Manchester United take over

Sir Alex Ferguson’s right-hand man speaks out about Manchester United take over

Sir Alex Ferguson’s right-hand man speaks out about Manchester United take over

Supporters of Manchester United eagerly anticipate the outcome of takeover negotiations.

Former Manchester United head coach Rene Meulensteen believes it is time for the Glazer family to separate ways with the club. During his tenure at Old Trafford, the 59-year-old was Sir Alex Ferguson’s right-hand man and also spent time in Qatar.

Sheikh Jassim is rumored to be in pole position to purchase Manchester United this summer, but there is an air of uncertainty surrounding the negotiations, with some fans fearing that the Glazers could yank the plug at any time.

In an interview with Caught Offside, Meulensteen expressed his hope that the situation will soon become clear, stating, “I hope there will be clarity for everyone – the fans and the club – and that the new owners will have the right vision and ideas to move the team forward over the next few years.

The Glazers have helped the club financially and assisted the managers, so I don’t see a problem there. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the Glazers have spent more than £1billion since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure on all the managers who have taken over, so the managers have had the support to bring in players, including Erik ten Hag this year. However, the biggest problem is the lack of communication, lack of transparency, and lack of emotional attachment. There are no fans who can identify with the team’s proprietors.
Since the Glazers acquired the club in 2005, it has been questioned whether the American-based family genuinely cares about the team or has merely profited from its ability to expand. Meulensteen continued, “The Glazers made a very astute decision back then when they purchased Manchester United because they understood what kind of brand they could build it into and how much it would cost. You mentioned over £7 billion, but if you look at what they paid for it, it was a very lucrative transaction for them.”

The former midfielder spent the majority of his managerial tenure in Qatar, serving as manager of Al-Ittihad and Al-Sadd for a season each. Thus, Meulensteen has been in contact with Jassim’s camp members in an effort to acquire the club.

He continued, “I am very familiar with the people of Qatar and have positive memories of my time there; I lived there for eight years between 1993 and 2001, and it was nothing like it is now. These individuals care. They care a great deal about football in their home country, and they will continue to care when they come to United.

“The key is to ensure they have the financial resources to continue bringing in the right people who can build on the culture and identity that Manchester United has represented for so many years.”

Sir Alex Ferguson’s right-hand man speaks out about Manchester United take over