Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s plan for the takeover of Manchester United with Glazers has paid off.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s plan for the takeover of Manchester United with Glazers has paid off.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s strategy to purchase Manchester United is on the verge of success, with a transaction likely to be finalized this month.

Along with Qatari industrialist Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad al-Thani, INEOS CEO Ratcliffe is one of the two frontrunners to acquire Manchester United.

Both parties recently submitted their third and final bids, with Sheikh Jassim proposing a complete buyout and Ratcliffe proposing to assume control of the club while allowing Joel and Avram Glazer to temporarily retain a 20% stake.

However, Ratcliffe’s offer includes a clause requiring the family to exit the club gradually. According to reports from this week, all six Glazers will remain at the club temporarily under Ratcliffe’s plans, but they will have no control and will be contractually obligated to depart in the coming years.

This week, Sheikh Jassim presented an improved fifth bid for Manchester United, but he stipulated that it must be approved by Friday or he will leave the club. Despite this change, it is still valued below Ratcliffe’s and does not satisfy the Glazers’ valuation of the club; therefore, the process has reached its conclusion.

Close to entering its seventh month, the duration of the takeover process has been a source of frustration for supporters, the manager, and observers. However, Ratcliffe has also benefited from the delay.

Initially, the Glazers desired a quick transaction to be finalized in the first quarter of the year. Ratcliffe desired to delay a proposal until later in the year, when the club’s place in the Champions League for the following season would be secured, which is now the case. Following the acceptance of his proposal, this has increased in value.

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At least two of the six Glazer siblings, Joel and Avram, are believed to have favored an option in which an outside investor would purchase a stake in the club to help finance massive capital projects, such as the redevelopment of Old Trafford stadium and Carrington training facility. However, a change in ownership is currently the most probable outcome.

Several US investment firms – Elliott Management, the Carlyle Group, and Ares Management – are proposing minority investments in the club, which would allow the Glazers to remain at the helm of Manchester United while gaining additional spending power. However, this is now regarded as unlikely.

Bryan, Darcie, Edward, and Kevin are believed to be the siblings pressing for a permanent exit from the club, while Joel and Avram have a stronger connection to United. This dearth of family consensus is said to have delayed the transaction.

The Glazers’ 2005 leveraged acquisition of Manchester United left the club saddled with enormous debts, and the Red Devils have not won the Premier League title in a decade. United supporters want the Glazers to sell the entire club


Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s plan for the takeover of Manchester United with Glazers has paid off.