The brainiac Chelsea and Brentford summer swap deal would totally gazump Arsenal.

The brainiac Chelsea and Brentford summer swap deal would totally gazump Arsenal.

It’s Saturday morning, and we’re discussing swaps; where is Noel Edmunds when we need him? Perhaps the Bearded One is on his way to Stamford Bridge, driving his second-hand black cab with a mannequin in the back seat so that he can take full advantage of any bus lanes on his route, as he often does, to pitch a skewed version of Deal Or No Deal to Chelsea owner Todd Boehly, which involves putting footballers’ names in boxes and then randomly opening them. It would undoubtedly be no more nonsensical a transfer policy than the Blues’ current one, which appears to be ‘American businessman tosses a dart at a map’.

In some ways, humorously assessing Chelsea’s recent history of outrageous and inept purchases has lost its appeal.

The longer their midtable misery lasts, the sadder it gets. Nonetheless, with each passing transfer window, Boehly does not appear to learn his lesson and continues to throw excessive sums of money and absurdly long contracts at players who fail to reward his faith in them.

If Chelsea wants to break their present cycle of mediocrity, they must begin bringing in new players who can fix their persisting problems, fit into the system that Mauricio Pochettino is attempting to establish, and are ultimately capable of changing their fortunes. Players like Ivan Toney, possibly.

Following a period of continuous conjecture, it appeared that the Blues had cooled their interest in the Brentford forward, but Sky Sports Germany writer Florian Plettenberg has chimed in with evidence to the contrary. The renowned journalist said on his personal X account earlier this week:

“The 28-year-old striker could leave Brentford in the summer.” West Ham has enquired, although the situation is not hot at this time. The current all-in price is estimated to be between £30 and £40 million. Many Premier League clubs are interested. Chelsea and Arsenal are keeping a close eye on him over the summer.

Plettenberg’s update contains a lot of useful information, not the least of which is his recommended price for Toney. We’ve just been told that the England international might cost between £60 million and £100 million. The idea of him being sold for under £40 million is ridiculous. Nonetheless, Chelsea may be able to drive the price further lower.

Armando Broja is currently collecting dust in a cabinet at Craven Cottage. The Chelsea striker’s loan stay at Fulham has generated only 52 minutes of Premier League involvement so far, and if things continue on their current trend, the likelihood is that he will return to Stamford Bridge in the summer with his future serious.

At 22, time is on his side, but Chelsea give the feeling that the Albanian international is surplus to requirements and might be traded sooner rather than later. Why not include him in a trade for Toney?

The brainiac Chelsea and Brentford summer swap deal would totally gazump Arsenal.