The Winger never wanted a Brazil return after Arsenal move.

The Winger never wanted a Brazil return after Arsenal move.

Willian discusses his difficult time at Arsenal, which prompted his unexpected return to Brazil, as well as his current success with Fulham in the Premier League.

Willian never intended to relocate back to Brazil, but his difficult time at Arsenal prompted him to do so.
The Brazilian midfielder is presently enjoying Premier League success with Fulham.

Willian intends to conclude his career in Europe or the United States, not in Brazil.
Willian, a former Arsenal winger, confessed that he never intended to return to Brazilian football, but that his difficult time at Arsenal compelled him to make the move.

The Brazilian midfielder, who is currently playing for Fulham, has made it plain that he intends to finish his career in Europe or the United States and will not return to Brazil, where he received death threats.

In an interview with “Premier League Brasil,” Willian discussed his time at Arsenal and subsequent decision to return to Brazil. He stated that he had no intention of returning to Brazil but joined Corinthians out of gratitude.

“I never want to return to Brazil again. I’ve had this thought before the book of Corinthians. “I ended up returning to my original club because I wanted to [after Arsenal and Corinthians], but I was already considering staying in Europe until the end,” Willian explained.

“I intend to conclude my career here, whether in Europe, the United States, or elsewhere.

If it could take place in England, that would be ideal. I plan to continue playing for four or five more years. But we never know because football is constantly evolving.”

Willian went on to discuss his time at Corinthians and how, despite being appreciative for his start there, he did not form a strong bond with the club.

He acknowledged that some supporters did not comprehend his departure, but acknowledged that he could not please everyone.

“I have a great deal of respect for the Corinthians,” said Willian. “This is the club where my identity was revealed and I was created.

“However, I did not establish my professional career at Corinthians, so I cannot claim a connection…

I’m not sure if this is the correct term, but a professional history with the Corinthians. I am grateful for the club; it was my home for many years before I departed at a young age.My return in 2021 was a gesture of appreciation.

I am aware that some of my admirers did not comprehend my departure; they claimed that I was still young. Then again, they only comprehend what they want; I cannot satisfy everyone.

“This is a large club with a large audience, and what I experienced was with the minority. However, it was a minority that had a significant emotional impact on my family and close friends. The only thing that remains is respect for the entity known as Corinthians.”

Between 2013 and 2020, the gifted midfielder had a successful tenure at Chelsea before moving to Arsenal. However, his tenure at the North London club was less than ideal, and he returned to Brazil after a year to play for Corinthians.

Now back in England with Fulham, Willian is once again relishing football and has appeared in 23 of the club’s 34 Premier League contests this season.

Fulham is presently 10th in the table, safely avoiding relegation, and Willian has scored three league goals and assisted on four others.

In his solitary season with Arsenal, he scored just one goal across all competitions.

The Winger never wanted a Brazil return after Arsenal move.