November 29, 2023

Three things which will occur if Man United brings back Greenwood

Three things which will occur if Man United brings back Greenwood

Three things which will occur if Man United brings back Greenwood

Manchester United is agonizing over a decision regarding Mason Greenwood’s future.

The Mason Greenwood decision has been on freeze for too long. Manchester United can no longer prolong the circumstance and must make a decision.

Surprisingly, the club appears inclined to bring him back. Earlier this month, The Athletic reported that this was the plan, prior to the postponement of an announcement.

Greenwood may be reinstated as early as next week, according to The Sun. United could still decide to take a different course of action.

Greenwood’s reintegration into the first team would be a minefield. Since his arrest in 2022, the striker has been shunned, with sponsorships canceled and his likeness removed from FIFA video games.

To say that he is a controversial and divisive figure is insufficiently descriptive. Greenwood’s return to Manchester United would be one of the most audacious decisions in the club’s history.

Before a decision is made to bring Greenwood back, the club must prepare for what lies ahead, and it won’t be beautiful.

Extreme backlash

Returning Mason Greenwood to Manchester United could tarnish the club’s reputation. This cannot be ignored. All club supporters and employees are pleased to be affiliated with the organization. This would alter immediately if Greenwood were to return.

Some people may be able to accept Greenwood’s return and the case of a young man’s rehabilitation, but others will never be able to forget what he was accused of and the images and recordings that proliferated online. They will not alter their minds, and it is unreasonable to expect them to.

The response from Manchester United’s own fans will be significant. Some will sever all ties with the club. The response from other admirers will be equally as loud. And the media will become hyperactive.

This is not merely a sports tale. Mason Greenwood’s clearance to return will be an international news story that will be featured on the front page of newspapers. And it will not be a pleasant situation for United.

In their most recent statement, the club asserts that there is a broader context to what is publicly known. However, we have no idea what that could be.

The opposition to Greenwood’s return will cast a shadow over Manchester United’s season and the club’s future. It is simply not what is required.

Press briefings dominated.

Erik ten Hag, manager of the club, will be scrutinized by the international media. This is not where the Dutchman desires to be.

We witnessed last season how football-related queries about Cristiano Ronaldo dominated Ten Hag’s press conferences, overshadowing everything else. If Mason Greenwood returns, this will reappear with a much more unpleasant flavor.

The impact on the team would be significant. It is a distraction from which no club member could escape. The actions of individual players will be scrutinized, and they will be called into question merely by associating with Greenwood.

In order to nurture success, Manchester United wishes to cultivate a tranquil atmosphere. Chaos looms.

A protracted return

Suppose Mason Greenwood is granted permission to return. Expect him to have no positive impact on the field even in 2023.

This football player has not played in over a year. He has not even received professional training.

For a player to lose such a significant amount of time during their careers, it is challenging to recover. Even more so at such a crucial period in their development.

Considering the player’s intense mental burden, there is little reason to believe he will be successful if he returns to the high levels required by Manchester United. Is the uproar truly justified?

A very gradual and drawn-out return would occur. Greenwood could even be sent to the under-21s to reclaim fitness and form before returning to action for the first time since January 2022.

By the time he makes his first team return, it might be 2024. And during this entire period, the scrutiny and pressure on him will only intensify.

Greenwood’s return is not a simple solution to United’s lack of striker options, and nobody should be under any illusions to the contrary.

Three things which will occur if Man United brings back Greenwood

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