December 1, 2023

Tottenham Hotspur fans’ Trust release sarcastic remark on Harry Kane’s move to Bayern

Tottenham Hotspur fans' Trust release sarcastic remark on Harry Kane's move to Bayern

Tottenham Hotspur fans’ Trust release sarcastic remark on Harry Kane’s move to Bayern

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters‘ Trust has criticized the club’s management for a ‘lack of coherent and consistent football strategy’ after Harry Kane’s departure was confirmed. Daniel Levy, chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, accepted Bayern Munich’s fourth offer for the 30-year-old for the duration of the summer, during which Bayern Munich had been pursing the player.

According to’s understanding, the agreement between the clubs is initially worth £100 million and could increase to £120 million with add-ons. The timing of the decision to accept Bayern’s proposal has been heavily criticized, as Spurs travel to Brentford on Sunday for Ange Postecoglou’s first game as head coach.

Kane’s transfer to Bayern was announced on Saturday morning, and in the hours that followed, the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust issued a public statement calling on the board to issue its own statement.

The statement read, “Today is a sorrowful day for all Tottenham Hotspur fans. We are devastated by the departure of our leading scorer and one of our finest players ever, Harry Kane. He was the embodiment of Tottenham Hotspur. He sacrificed everything for the Club, leaving us with countless memories to cherish. We appreciate everything Harry has done for Spurs.

“It never should have come to this. This is a turning point and a plain and painful indictment of the Club’s on-field evolution over the past four years. We have lost a generational talent who, in his own words, desired nothing more than for the Club to advance. Since 2019, however, the Board’s lack of a coherent and consistent football strategy has resulted in a significant decline on the field, prompting One of Our Own to believe he had no choice but to depart.

“The Board is only a transient steward of this club. If this Board does not share the ambitions of one of our greatest players, how can supporters feel confident about the future of this football club?Fans are furious and offended; our loyalty is being put to the limit. We must query the strategy and aspirations of the Club. And we are owed an explanation as to who authorized the transaction and why it occurred mere hours before the start of the season.

“The Club Board must make a public statement, respond to inquiries about their stewardship, and demonstrate that it understands what it means to put football first.”

Tottenham Hotspur fans’ Trust release sarcastic remark on Harry Kane’s move to Bayern

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