Tottenham news: Micky van de Ven discloses guidance from teammates as Ange Postecoglou makes demand

Tottenham news: Micky van de Ven discloses guidance from teammates as Ange Postecoglou makes demand
Van de Ven assurance boost

Micky van de Ven disclosed he had no qualms about making his Spurs début against Brentford after only three training sessions. Ange Postecoglou immediately paired the Dutch defender with Cristian Romero upon his arrival from Wolfsburg one week ago.

“I spoke with the trainer and he approached me to inform me that I was beginning,” he explained. “Of course it’s a thing because I trained with the team for three days, but they gave me confidence, and the trainer also gave me confidence by talking to me.”

“I did not at all emphasize that I cannot do it. I believe it went well, as all the trainers and players were encouraging, saying “do your job, do what you can, and we will help you.”

Postecoglou desires that Spurs be dreaded.

Ange Postecoglou wants Tottenham Hotspur to intimidate all of their opponents. In an interview with the podcast Men in Blazers, the Australian stated, “I’ll determine along the road if I need to make adjustments. Beginnings are always identical.

“It’s about playing a certain manner, having certain values and the way we approach things, and training differently than what many of the players here are accustomed to. All of these are currently the most important pillars.

“Any adjustments I’ve made throughout my career in all the leagues I’ve been in have occurred organically, I’ve allowed it to grow on its own, and if we discover any obstacles along the way, we’ll make adjustments, but I’m not going into it with preconceived notions about what we need to change.

“What will not alter are the fundamental principles by which I want my team to play football in a manner that terrifies every opponent. That’s the ultimate goal.”

Spurs query resolved

Gianni Vio, the set piece coach at Tottenham Hotspur, has not been a part of the Ange Postecoglou era, as many Spurs fans have inquired. The word within the club at the time and for several weeks after was that a decision had not yet been made regarding the 70-year-old Italian, who operates more independently than as part of a traveling coaching staff.

For example, Vio remained at the club after Antonio Conte’s departure from Spurs in March and after the rest of the Italian contingent departed a few weeks later with Cristian Stellini in order to continue working with Mason and Wells.

Therefore, all eyes were on whether former banker Vio would join Postecoglou’s staff.

The highly regarded Italian is renowned for having devised 4,830 unique attacking set-piece scenarios, which he applies to the players at his disposal, and he made a significant impact in his first season in north London.

Nonetheless, now that the Premier League season has begun and there has been no sighting of Vio around Hotspur Way or mention of his name at the Enfield-based training facility, it appears that the Italian’s current tenure with Tottenham has come to an end.

Tottenham news: Micky van de Ven discloses guidance from teammates as Ange Postecoglou makes demand