Two Man City FA Cup final players who didn’t get winners’ awards – but Cole Palmer got one

Two Man City FA Cup final players who didn’t get winners’ awards – but Cole Palmer got one

In spite of the fact that they were instrumental in Manchester City‘s triumph in the FA Cup, two of the club’s players did not receive medals from Prince William when they went up to the stage to lift the trophy.

Ilkay Gundogan scored twice to help Manchester City beat their fierce rivals Manchester United by a score of 2-1 at Wembley Stadium. Man City is coached by Pep Guardiola.

It took Gundogan just 13 seconds to score the quickest goal in the history of the FA Cup final.

He did so with a magnificent volley that caught United goalkeeper David De Gea off guard and put him in a position where he could not recover.

Although Man United’s Bruno Fernandes scored an equalizer from the penalty spot in the first half, Manchester City regained the lead in the second half thanks to Ilkay Gundogan.

Kevin De Bruyne found Gundogan unmarked on the edge of the penalty area, and the German was able to score a goal despite a crowd of players surrounding him and beat De Gea.

The decisive goal came from Gundogan in the second half, and it was enough for Manchester City to win the second piece of a prospective treble crown.

Nevertheless, when Gundogan and De Bruyne walked up for the trophy lift, they were met by an empty-handed Prince William, who was unable to place their medals around their necks.

The Sun reports that the Football Association (FA) genuinely ran short of medals, which led to younger players like Cole Palmer and Rico Lewis walking away with medals while Gundogan and De Bruyne were initially left trophy-less.

Despite the fact that Ederson eventually presented De Bruyne with a medal, Gundogan, who was the hero of the FA Cup final, did not receive his medal.

The German will be presented with a medal at a later time; however, he was seen celebrating at Wembley after the match even though he did not have one around his neck.

As a result of the exchange that took place between the City captain and Prince William, a multitude of City followers on social media were left perplexed. One wrote:

“Poor Gundogan. Even though he was the team captain, the most valuable player, and scored two goals, he didn’t win a medal because they were all taken.

“The worst part of this final was that Gundogan wasn’t given a winners medal on the podium because they had hard run out of it, lmao how does that even happen?” said another participant.

A third one of the commenters said, “Lol!!! There are no more medals available, so we can’t offer one to Gundogan…. However, Kalvin Phillips was able to get his…”

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Two Man City FA Cup final players who didn’t get winners’ awards – but Cole Palmer got one