November 28, 2023

Valverde, Fran Garcia’s reaction after Real Madrid 3-2 AC Milan: “Moving to accomplish big things”

Valverde, Fran Garcia's reaction after Real Madrid 3-2 AC Milan: “Moving to accomplish big things”

Valverde, Fran Garcia’s reaction after Real Madrid 3-2 AC Milan: “Moving to accomplish big things”

Real Madrid has become renowned over the years for their ability to recover from apparently impossible situations. It is only fitting that their first preseason game prior to the 2023-24 season featured a remarkable comeback.

After goals from Fikayo Tomori and Luka Romero, Los Blancos fell behind AC Milan 2-0 on the evening. However, they rallied in the second period to win the game by a score of 3-2 and get off to a winning start.

Due to his second-half brace, Federico Valverde was dubbed the match’s most valuable player. After the game, he discussed his sentiments regarding the first match of the new season with the media.

“It was wonderful to be able to share the victory with the fans. It is the first game of the season, we entered with some fatigue from preseason training, and we will now begin to adjust to the coach’s system. We will soon feel much better.”

The midfielder then elucidated on his motivation entering a new season and the mood in the locker room, stating:

“I began the season with sky-high motivation, the same hunger and desire as always to accomplish my objectives with this club. I strive to have fun with the team and my teammates, who help me to perform at my best. It’s a privilege to be a part of this.”

When Los Blancos were on the verge of elimination, the Uruguayan’s goal served as a savior and rekindled hope for a comeback. Valverde emphasized the significance of his first goal and its origin.

“When you score a goal after being down 2-0, the opposing team increases the pressure as you look for the equalizer. That is how it transpired. I regained possession of the ball and it wound up in the back of the net.”

He concluded by expressing his appreciation for compatriots Luka Modric and Vinicius Jr and expressing optimism for the upcoming season.

“I relish winning the ball, observing Modri select passes of that caliber, and then seeing Vinicius score so brilliantly. This is a fantastic group, and if we all pull in the same direction, we’re going to accomplish amazing things this season.

New agreement Fran Garcia began the game on the sideline but replaced Ferland Mendy at halftime. After playing his first game for Real Madrid this season, the left-back expressed his happiness unequivocally.

“I’m satisfied with the game’s outcome because I got to participate. “I’m thrilled to be joining this team.”

“We have labored diligently, recognizing what each of us must do and assisting one another. We are able to adapt to various playing styles or whatever Ancelotti asks of us.”

The Spanish defender went on to discuss the pride he felt donning the white jersey after a lengthy absence and the responsibility that came with it.

“It is a dream and a tremendous honor to don this jersey and these colors once more. It is truly unfathomable to me. I had the desire and ambition to return and defend the Madrid badge while wearing this jersey.

Garcia elaborated on his friendship with Vinicius Jr. and disclosed that the pair played together when Vinicius Jr. was exercising with Castilla early in his Real Madrid tenure.

“I was with Vini at Castilla, and we were discussing this topic the other day. I’m proud of how well we’ve played together, but we must continue to work diligently.”

He concluded with a statement conveying his enthusiasm for the upcoming period and the tremendous support the team has in the United States.

“After experiencing what Real Madrid represents, one begins to view it differently. Coming to Los Angeles and seeing everyone so energized to witness the game fills you with joy.”

Valverde, Fran Garcia’s reaction after Real Madrid 3-2 AC Milan: “Moving to accomplish big things”

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