November 28, 2023

Wayne Rooney; He is so close to Peter Schmiechel 

Wayne Rooney; He is so close to Peter Schmiechel 

Wayne Rooney; He is so close to Peter Schmiechel 

Wayne Rooney disclosed that he is a ‘big fan’ of Aaron Ramsdale and compared him to Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel. 

Ramsdale has been a crucial player for Mikel Arteta’s team in their pursuit of the championship this season, delivering outstanding performances against Tottenham and most recently at Liverpool. 

During Friday’s 3-3 draw at the Emirates, the 24-year-old made a costly error when he passed to Carlos Alcarez to help Southampton take the lead in the first minute. 

Despite the error, Rooney has heaped praise on Ramsdale, claiming that he is the closest player to Schmeichel, one of the finest goalkeepers in Premier League history. 

I am also a huge Aaron Ramsdale devotee. Before Wednesday’s top-of-the-table contest between Arsenal and Manchester City, Rooney wrote in The Times: 

“Despite his error against Southampton, he has made a number of fantastic saves and played with a tremendous presence.” 

‘Typically, you want goalkeepers to have charisma and presence, but you also want them to be composed.

If you’re going to be as outspoken and extroverted as Ramsdale, you must back it up with your performances; otherwise, it appears a bit arrogant. 

In any case, he reminds me of Peter Schmeichel. Ramsdale must continue to improve in order to reach Schmeichel’s level, but he is the closest thing I’ve seen in a long time to the Great Dane. 

“He won’t be fazed by Haaland, and Arteta will want his defenders to play fearlessly against the Norwegian as well, maybe even giving him a few jabs to rile him up, because Haaland has a bit of an edge and you may provoke a response.”

Arsenal enters the match against Pep Guardiola’s squad on the heels of three consecutive draws against Liverpool, West Ham, and Southampton. 

The Gunners will be desperate to revive their title prospects with a victory at the Etihad, which would result in an eight-point lead at the top.

However, City has two games in hand and is pursuing a historic treble after advancing to the FA Cup final with a 3-0 victory over Sheffield United.  

Wayne Rooney; He is so close to Peter Schmiechel 

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