Why Avram Glazer refused to respond to questions on Man Utd takeover after FA Cup final loss

Why Avram Glazer refused to respond to questions on Man Utd takeover after FA Cup final loss

In addition to the sluggish progress, there has been little communication from the Glazers regarding the acquisition. In addition, there are growing concerns that the Americans will not sell the club.

Avram has attended multiple games during this season and has been by far the most visible family member. Even he has remained silent, ignoring Sky News’ attempts to query him in the Wembley mixed zone on Saturday.

“Do you intend to sell Manchester United?” Will you accept the proposal from Jim Ratcliffe or Qatar? Why don’t you speak to the fans? Don’t the supporters have the right to know about the takeover?” Sky reporter Rob Harris inquired.

At Saturday’s FA Cup final, Manchester United co-chairman Avram Glazer refused to address questions about the club’s takeover.

Late last year, the Glazers publicly solicited fresh investment in Premier League powerhouses, but the process continues to linger on.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, an English businessman, is competing with Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, a Qatari banker, for a complete takeover of the club.

In addition to the Glazers, a variety of other parties are competing to invest in the Red Devils, with the Glazers retaining control. Supporters, who were already disillusioned with the Glazers, have become increasingly frustrated due to the acquisition’s sluggish progress.

Glazer, however, continued walking and paid no heed to Harris before striding through a door and away from reporters. It has been widely criticized how the Glazers have handled the situation.

Former United captain Gary Neville has been at the forefront of this criticism, with the Red Devils legend incensed by the Glazers’ treatment of supporters. Recently, the former right-back asserted that the Glazers would ultimately retain authority at Old Trafford.

“It is evident that the Glazer family will not make any ownership announcements until the season is over! Neville tweeted last week, “They’ve been spinning it out unprofessionally for weeks and months.”

“They are aware that fan demonstrations would have been even more significant if matches were still being played, and that the final outcome of the sale process is unpopular.

Essentially, the presence of any family members would be deemed unacceptable by all supporters. Is this why they are delaying?”

The Glazers would retain a stake in United as part of Ratcliffe’s proposal before the Englishman eventually sells them out. The proprietor of Ineos is a lifelong Manchester United fan with diverse sporting interests.

It is believed that he has surpassed his chief rival Sheikh Jassim, who is attempting to complete a comprehensive buyout of the Glazers.

Despite Avram Glazers’ presence at Wembley, there is still no indication that an end to the process is in site.

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Why Avram Glazer refused to respond to questions on Man Utd takeover after FA Cup final loss