December 1, 2023

Why does Pundits prefer Arsenal star to Andy Robertson

Why does Pundits prefer Arsenal star to Andy Robertson

Why does Pundits prefer Arsenal star to Andy Robertson

Frank McAvennie, a former star for West Ham, has made a comparison between Andy Robertson of Liverpool and Kieran Tierney of Arsenal and stated that Tierney is the better player.

Tierney plays for Arsenal. McAvennie’s comments come at a time when rumors are circulating that Real Madrid may be interested in purchasing Robertson from Liverpool.

Since joining Liverpool, Robertson has established himself as one of the leading assist providers in English football, garnering widespread recognition as a result.

As a direct result of this, there have been rumors suggesting that he would move to Real Madrid during the forthcoming summer transfer window.

However, given that Liverpool is in the midst of a rebuilding phase, it is quite improbable that the club will even consider the possibility of trading such an important player to a Spanish giant.

In spite of this, McAvennie is of the opinion that Tierney is superior to Robertson in terms of quality.

He believes that both players will be successful at the Bernabeu if they are given the chance to play there.

He stated the following to thesoccerstand:

“They were also discussing Kieran Tierney,” said the witness. My opinion is that Tierney is a superior choice over Andy since he is a better defender.

“I believe that either one of them would be able to succeed at Real Madrid. Either one of them playing alongside Vinicius Junior would be an incredible combination.

“I can see it working with either of them, but Liverpool are in desperate need of a makeover.”

Simply Arsenal’s Point of View
It is unfortunate that Tierney, who is widely considered to be one of the best left backs in the country, does not get the playing time he desires at the Emirates Stadium.

Since Arsenal already possesses two excellent left backs, retaining Tierney at the Emirates Stadium would be the most prudent decision in light of our upcoming participation in the Champions League.

Watch the video below to see Alfie and Rob make their return during the summer transfer window.

This is the first part of Alfie and Rob’s analysis of the summer, in which they debate and make predictions on each and every possible incoming and outgoing transaction involving Arsenal this summer, including fees and likely destinations for outgoing transactions.

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Why does Pundits prefer Arsenal star to Andy Robertson

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