Why Moises Caicedo would fit Man United better than Mount

Why Moises Caicedo would fit Man United better than Mount

This summer, Manchester United is seeking a new midfielder. Chelsea has rejected a number of their offers for Mason Mount. The Times reported on Sunday that they were shifting their attention to other midfielders, with Brighton and Hove Albion’s Moises Caicedo at the head of the list.

Without a doubt, Erik ten Hag desires Mount. The opportunity to acquire a valuable player from a rival club for a low price due to a contract’s expiration is always enticing. Mount’s last season was difficult, but he also struggled with off-field issues and injuries. In addition, Chelsea were a mess on the field, making it difficult for any athlete to perform at a high level.

Mount demonstrated his value during the 2021/22 season by contributing 11 goals and 10 assists. In the Premier League, it is difficult to attain double figures in both categories. Mount’s offensive skill will be the primary reason United will want him. In their system, he will be viewed as a player who can play the number eight position and is versatile enough to cover the wide positions.

Nonetheless, there are many parallels between Bruno Fernandes and Christian Eriksen. A player of Mount’s caliber should not be a priority for Manchester United.
Moises Caicedo makes more sense as a prospective target and would significantly improve the team’s quality. Brighton will be difficult to persuade to sell, but it would be worthwhile to pay more for the Ecuadorian international. At age 21, he has a great deal of room for development and the versatility to play multiple positions on the team. He played fullback a few times last season, demonstrating his versatility.

Casemiro was a revelation at Manchester United last season, transforming the team. However, they were unable to compensate for his absence during the games he missed. They relied on his destructive approach and the squad had no comparable option. As he is now 31 years old, it is crucial for United to locate a long-term replacement.

Caicedo would benefit from playing alongside Casemiro and learning from one of the finest holding midfielders of recent years if he were to sign this summer. It would also allow Ten Hag to rotate the team and recover Casemiro more frequently than he was able to last season.
Caicedo averaged 2.7 tackles and 1.5 interceptions per game, demonstrating his ability to consistently gain the ball back. Ten yellow cards indicate that he is still learning the game and can be impetuous at times, which is to be expected given his level of experience.

His mobility surpasses Casemiro’s, which is one of the reasons why he would be advantageous to United.

Caicedo would cost more to acquire than Mason Mount. However, there are strong indications that he would be a more natural choice. United’s abandonment of Mount in favor of Brighton’s midfielder could be a disguised blessing.

Why Moises Caicedo would fit Man United better than Mount