Xavi Hernandez says that Barcelona’s season was decided by a loss.

Xavi Hernandez says that Barcelona’s season was decided by a loss.

This season, Barcelona was always expected to be among the La Liga title contenders, but there was a point in October when it appeared that everything could fall apart.

Many believed they would struggle to contend with their rivals this season, especially after losing 3-1 to Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, but Blaugrana manager Xavi Hernandez told Sport that was the moment everything changed.

He explained that after that game there was a sort of voicing of grievances in response to their loss, which helped to bring the players closer together.

“The coach had a lengthy discussion with the athletes. And that there was a juncture between the beginning and end of the season for us.”

Barcelona had lost 3-1 at the Bernabeu, and despite the fact that there was only one goal separating the teams for the majority of the match, there was a sense of Real Madrid’s superiority.

After that, Xavi chose to listen to his players instead of instructing them.

“I forced them to speak because I always do. They already know me, so I strive to be natural, honest, and sincere, and to express my feelings regarding what we have and have not improved. In the end, I compelled them to speak.

I inquired as to their emotions, wondering if the problem may have been the coach. I essentially initiated the communication channel on my own. I requested that the personnel leave me alone with the football players.”

“I always attempt to understand how they feel in some way, and I believe the conversation went extremely well.

I believe the conversation lasted nearly two hours and was extremely, extremely positive. Everyone or nearly everyone spoke and expressed their emotions, and the participant felt a sense of tranquility.

I believe the team was encapsulated there, and now behold! We strung together who knows how many victories to attain two championships. I believe it was the season’s defining moment.”

From that point forward, things began to improve, according to Xavi’s description of the conversation.

“Their emotions, correct? That we needed to become more of a team, a unit. I was completely candid with them.

I told them that I was there to assist them and that I had come not for my own success, but for the success of the group as a whole.

“I lacked and continue to lack any desire to state Xavi’s League. What can I do without Ter Stegen’s saves or Lewy’s goals? This is why I always feel embarrassed when they mention Xavi’s division.

And in the absence of the president and board of directors? I am most pleased of the team’s transformation into a family.

I believe that on that day, the coaches and footballers opened up a great deal, and from there, things were accomplished that, for me, are the key to success; that was the season’s overarching “click.”

Xavi has received plenty of criticism this season for Barcelona’s European performances, but the Blaugrana ultimately accomplished their goal at the beginning of the season.

What is perhaps most intriguing about that period is that few cited it as a turning point, instead emphasizing their victory over Osasuna in their final match before the World Cup.

The Bernabeu loss was followed by victories over Villarreal and Athletic Club by a combined score of seven goals to nought, as well as a change in formation, but since then the Blaugrana have at least displayed a newfound resolve on the domestic front.

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Xavi Hernandez says that Barcelona’s season was decided by a loss.