The TEN GREATEST Rivalries in Italian Football Serie A

The TEN GREATEST Rivalries in Italian Football Serie A.

Even neutral teams follow rivalry games in all sports. Neutrals and fans alike avidly follow the most prominent Italian football rivalries.

Rivalry games can be the season’s most exciting contests. Sometimes, these rivalries determine which team wins the league championship in a given year.

This list of rivalries has no discernible order. Fans of one team may place a high value on a rivalry, while fans of the opposing team may not.

These are the most significant rivalries in Italy.

Internazionale vs AC Milan.

The Derby Della Madonnina, also known as the Milan Derby, is one of the most famous derbies in world football.

AC Milan and Inter Milan share a stadium in addition to a number of players.

Inter Milan began when its founders parted ways with the club over a disagreement regarding the signing of foreign players.

Inter Milan was regarded as the club of the bourgeoisie, while AC Milan was regarded as the club of the working class after the two sides split.

In terms of success, both clubs have experienced fluctuations. Inter Milan performed better in the 1960s, whereas AC Milan dominated the 1980s and 1990s.

Internazionale vs Juventus

This rivalry was exacerbated by the Calciopoli scandal, but Juventus and Inter have been at odds for quite some time.

The Derby d’Italia has always been a fierce rivalry between two of the best teams in Seria A.

Lazio vs AS Roma

The Rome Derby is without a doubt one of the most intense contests in the world.

The “ultras” on both sides have significantly contributed to the extreme animosity of the rivalry.

In 2004, rioting in the stands led to the cancellation of a game.

Geographically and politically, the rivalry is significant to both fans and organizations.

One of the competitors in the Derby della Capitale has the opportunity to be crowned the best team in the capital—at least for one game or season.

Genoa vs Sampdoria

The Genoa vs. Sampdoria derby in its current form is the result of two smaller teams, Andrea Doria and Sampier, merging to form Sampdoria.

Genoa was the dominant club in the region, but Mussolini’s government despised the club’s British roots and sought to create a formidable rival.

Several failed attempts to merge clubs resulted in the formation of Sampdoria.

At this point, the derby became much more even, with the newly merged Sampdoria winning several games.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, when both teams were performing well in Serie A, the derby gained national significance.

Napoli vs AS Roma

Historically, the Derby del Sole was at its pinnacle in the 1970s and 1980s, when Diego Maradona competed.

Cultural differences between Naples supporters in the south and Roma supporters in the capital have led to riots and the prohibition of fans from traveling with their respective teams.

Such behavior is not necessarily indicative of all Napoli and Roma fans, but it demonstrates how bad things can get between fan groups.

Palermo vs Catania

The Derby di Sicilia is a match between Catania and Palermo, the two largest cities in Sicily.

Due to the fact that the teams were generally in different divisions, the games themselves were infrequent but intense.

In 2007, a police officer was killed in riots among supporters.

Juventus vs Torino

In the Derby della Mole, well-known Juventus competes against city rival Torino.

Torino was founded by Juventus dissidents after a dispute over the club’s possible relocation.

Similar to some of the other Italian derbies on this list, this one has a class distinction.

Juventus is perceived to be supported by the affluent, while Torino is supported by the working class.

In recent years, Juventus has dominated on the field, reducing the intensity of this rivalry.

Fiorentina vs Juventus

The conflict between Fiorentina and Juventus is likely one of the few Italian rivalries that primarily stems from incidents on the field.

In the latter stages of the 1981-82 season, Fiorentina felt it was the victim of questionable refereeing decisions, particularly in a crucial match against Juventus.

These incidents and the subsequent transfer of Roberto Baggio from Fiorentina to Juventus contributed to the animosity.

Prior to this, the successes of both clubs were comparable, but Juventus has since gained the upper hand in the rivalry.

While Fiorentina supporters view this match as a grudge match, Juventus supporters have incited even more anger by claiming that other rivalry games are more significant.

Internazionale vs Roma

All major Italian teams are in conflict with one another. True again in the Internazionale versus Roma rivalry.

This competition has produced its share of tense moments. It’s easy to see why, as two of the best teams in Serie A are involved.

Roma vs Juventus

All of Italy’s major clubs, including Roma, have had disputes with Juventus.

Since the 1980s, when Roma players felt they were wronged by a referee’s decision that allowed Juventus to win the championship, this rivalry has been intense.

After Roma coach Zdenek Zeman accused some Juventus players of doping in the early 1990s, they were finally exonerated.

This incident demonstrates the animosity between these two teams.